Our values

Together Ahead
Play Right

At Thirty Love Academy, we aim to develop ourselves, coaches, players, parents, and all tennis enthusiasts alike. As we are not able to accomplish this on our own, nor without integrity or joy during the process, we have defined these four core values as a reminder why we do the things we do.









Online Tennis Courses

Thirty Love Foundation

Playing tennis is not accessible for everybody. 

With the Thirty Love Foundation, we aim to change this.

Shared profits

Part of the profits generated from online education sales through the Thirty Love Academy goes into the foundation to support upcoming projects.


If you would like to contribute to making tennis accessible in regions where it is out of reach for many, you can choose to make a donation.

Thirty Love Socks

We also sell socks (with our cool Tricolore logo). All profits go directly to the foundation. You can check them out here.

Make a Donation

Donations granted to the Thirty Love Foundation will be used to create opportunities in developing country regions where tennis is out of reach for many.